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Saint James Apostolic Church

Why fellowship is necessary

 Leader: Pastor Mckinnon
Saint Jame Apostolic Churh
701 Bart Street
Raleigh NC 27610
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Meeting Day(s): January 1, 2005
Meeting Time: 7:30pm

Why Is Fellowship Necessary 

Fellowship:  sharing; having or giving a share in something with someone; the association together of persons with a mutual aim and interest. 

Christian fellowships consist of a twofold relationship – with Christ and with fellow saints.  With regard to the former, the saints, out of the divine grace of God and through the suffering of Christ for them, are permitted the joy of companionship in association with the Holy Ghost. With this relationship as a basis, saints share with one another the fellowship of mutual sympathy, love, unity, and service.We are in fellowship with God, through Christ, and then with His body, (I John 1)

 The word “Fellowship” in the Greek means “A joint participation; involvement; communion; sharing with intimacy; partner; companion; associate” – it was the word used for Marriage (for better or worse) 

As the priest ate the showbread every Sabbath (fellowship of Rest), there was a closeness around the table – this speaks of our communion with Christ and His body (I Cor. 10:20-23; 11:23-30). 

The New Testament Church is gathered as priest (I Peter 2:9) unto and around Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life (Psalms 89:7) – our fellowship is centered in His person and not our doctrines.  Believers meet together as their spirits, minds, hearts, and voices blend unto the Biblical Christ. 

Acts 1:14 – Man is homosapien.  Comes from a Greek word, (homos) and means the same and the word (thumos) which means mind.  So when they were with one accord they all had the same mind.   (One mind will bring us into divine order) 

References:  Acts. 1:14; 2:1; 4:24; 5:12; 7:57; 8:6; 12:20; 15:25; 18:12; 
If you want a strong church you must realize that all the members are important and must play their part no matter how insignificant it may seem. 

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