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Being a father

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The family unit is the prime example of God's church today, and as the church is filled with God's unconditional love, so should the family unit be filled with love. 

In the ancient world, the extended family could include any or all of the following relationships; the man (father) and his wife or wives, his concubines or female slaves, his sons and his unmarried daughters, the wives of the sons and grandchildren, aged parents and grandparents.


The position of father means husband, lord, master, owner and possessor.  Today we understand that not all fathers are husbands and neither are all husbands a father.   However, we have a father above who is husband, lord, master, owner, and possessor of us all and his word is law.  The position of father commands honor as head of the family.  He is the decision maker in spiritual, social and economic matters.  He is the religious leader in the home.  All members of the family must be subject to the father. 

Two major concerns of the church was for thewidow and the fatherless; orphans.  James 1:27

 The duties of a father is to protect the family.  Jewish custom required four things of a father towards his son; circumcised, inheritance to the first born son, finding his son a wife and teaching him a trade. 

As the Church of God and the household of faith, we to have an extended family, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, adopted into the family and we must all be subject of our Father.

Scripture Reading:   Colossians 3:8-25, Titus 2:1-15, James 1:27

Resource Reading:  None specified

Recommendations:  Family Prayer, Family Bible Reading, Open family Discussions, Family Counseling.

Today's prayer for families:

      Lord Jesus, we come to you today, first to give you praise and honour for dying on the cross for our sins and for being our Savior.  Lord we seek your guidence and ask that you help us keep you first in our lives and acknowlege you in all our ways.   We also ask that you bless our families and help us to understand each other's needs.  Help the fathers to be strong spiritual leader in the home and in the church.   This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ .........Amen.

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