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Saint James Apostolic Church
**Special Invitation**



I am extending to you a challenge and an invitation!


I am challenging you to rise up and except the call that Jesus has on your life. 

And I am inviting you to do it here with us at St. James Apostolic Church.

I am challenging you because I love you and I am greatly concerned about you. 

I am inviting you because I know what the pressures of this world can do in the home, work place,

and in the community.

But I also know that you know that Jesus Christ is the answer

We all have made mistakes. 

We have been hurt by those we thought should understand.

But now is the time to forget all those things which are behind us

and go on to that more abundant life that we really need.


I am inviting you to come and join us here at St. James because WE LOVE YOU AND BECAUSE WE NEED YOUR HELP! 


Did you know that God has given you gifts and talents to help here at St. James Church?

We need you to come, and feel free to express yourself

Allow the gifts that the Lord has put in you to flow in the Spirit. 

We need your ideas and your exhortations. 

We need you to be a living epistle to the world of the power and wonders of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

We want and need you to come and help in glorifying the Lord Jesus. 

We invite you to be a part of our family!

Here at St. James we are a family of love and not one of judgmental, self centered condemnation. 

We are a family that cares for everyone, and we seek to help each other no matter who they may be. 

With the Lord on our side, and us working together in love,

I know that we can be the people that the Lord is calling for in these last days.


I have a dream for the Church and I need you to come and help and be a part of making this dream a reality. 

(We can make it together, if we try) 


Pray for us as we will be continuing in prayer for you.



Your brother in the Love




Bishop, James E. McKinnon

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