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Saint James Apostolic Church
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St James General Fund

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Building Fund

Youth on Fire Building fund

The youth here at Saint James are excited, motivated and working diligently to see our new sanctuary built. The youth are seeking a playground set along with a nursery and class rooms for more teen, tots, and pre-adult classes. Our hopes for this task to be completed can only be achieved through your generosity, prayers, ideas and kind acts of faith. We come to say Thank You, to those who have sowed a seed that will be returned not by man but by God himself. Trust and believe every donor will be appreciated we and can't say thank you enough.

If you would like to be apart of this dream please feel free to donate by mail or on line now.
Once again we say thank you all!!!

Particapating donors:

Dr. Vincent Nacouzi        Sis.Ida C.        Victor
Dr. Michelle Nacouzi       Latisha G.        Alexis
Bro.Charles Moody         Shanita            Eddie                         
Monica C.                     Ron Moore        Bill
Lucy E.                         Charles Casteed  Sedrick
Timothy D.                    Linda Haynes      Howard
Bro. Glen                      Jessica Belvin      James
Bro.Pearly                     Tyrese and Tiara  Mitchell
Sis. Carolyn                   Ray Baylston                     
Annonimous donor          Chuck
Bro.Alex                        Kent
Dan & Joanne Austin       Sean(GMA Supply)     
Amy P.                          Kevin(Lansing BP)
Edwin Palomino              Richard                       
Mike T                         Bro.Ferguson
Jeffrey Pulley                Barbara R
Pat Tucker                   Ms.Ger
Bennie Davis                 Sherrill Tucker
Robert Green
Leo Brown
Herbert Collins
Lucas Jr.
Fred Battle
George Parker
Elton A.
Mr Stump
Ramona Thomas
One-time Amount:


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