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Saint James Apostolic Church
Welcome to St. James Church



                           Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

The Saint James Apostolic family gives God “glory” in that you have chosen our family as your new family in Christ.

We asked that you make yourself at home by taking part in worship, and by choosing a committee or program that you can offer your time, gifts and talents to support. Just remember to trust in Jesus Christ and his spirit as he will lead you in selecting the ministry that will be a perfect match for your personality, interest and abilities.

We pray that you will be inspired by the word of God and that your faith will be increased as you learn, grow and glorify God for his goodness.

Remember that we love you and God loves you. It is his desire that above all, you receive his salvation. So, come and be faithful and allow God’s love to bless you and make you whole.

Remember at Saint James Apostolic : 

                                         “ Everybody Is Somebody at Saint James”

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